E-mail and Traditional Mail

To me there are many differences between email and postal mail. One obviously gets to a destination faster than the other, and one can send from anywhere around the globe. For both email and mail you MUST have the exact address written or it may send somewhere else. Email has a mailbox, post office and addresses just as our traditional mail, post office being its mail servers and addresses being the variety of emails. Well with regular postal mail it does take quite some time, with snail mail and all ads being sent out there’s no way you can track mail unless you pay a little extra $$$$$$$$.
 If you send an email the receiver can get it instantly, with just one little tap on the REFRESH button 😂😂. With mail you cannot get viruses like email but you may get spam, just like all those ads built up in the promotions section of your email. You can be sent mail from vendors you have subscribed to, Sephora, pink, game informer all different types of mail. If your address is available anyone…

Guest Speaker: Erik Hanberg

He was such a cool guy seem like he'd been through a lot of different stepping stools in his life. Like he started from the bottom of his industry and gradually started moving up, he stayed persistent throughout is whole life. Started his journey working for non-profits, which then led him to be a director at a grand cinema. When he first said that I was thinking theatres and plays and that’s what he worked with! he hadn’t worked a full time job since 2008! that was a surprise to me because I know how I felt when I hopped part time to part time for a few weeks.
A little after the time he directed at the Grand Cinema he had opened his own theatre, Horatio Theatre. That theatre lasted a few plays until it was closed due to certain circumstances (I forgot what he said happened). Closer to 2017 he opened a company named side by side with his wife. His wife is a graphic designer so they tend to be a perfect match when It comes to business.
He then went onto writing his owns book and pub…

My Thoughts

"Living and working in a virtual world", when i thought of it I thought computers right off the back. Me being apart of society today computers, cellphones, tablets they're a huge part, but who all started this ? I actually am interested in knowing , it may not be important to someone else but its important to me. I would like to know about the virtual world behind the computer screen, whether its real or not. Are we just some kind of stimulation, was the discovery of the web intended? There are too many advances in technology for me to be so behind, the closest thing i own that is closest to new technology is most likely an iPhone 7+ 😂 but i am behind again because they just released two new ones that are better. Some of the other new technologies just creep me out, i feel like they are too personal, i know for a fact they are smarter than i am. Technology has been something i was always into but i just never tried to go deeper than the surface. I'm one of the penc…