Monday, November 20, 2017


Convergence  in technology is like the growing generations, as we progress technology progresses with us. So it is kind of like Moore's Law in a way, that has everything to do with computational speed and that other junk. I think they have actually blown moore's law out of the water because it is actually going faster than he predicted. 

I get really really confused when it comes to convergence and all the new discoveries happening around me. It all started as a mainframe or a Chiac then as time went on progressed to processors! We have a 286>386>486>pentium>dual pentium and so on. Access to computers started with the military, then went onto business and university. Now we have finally arrived to multiple computers and IOT's (whatever IOT is 😓😓) The size of our computers have generously changed of course, started as warehouse sizes and have now converted to portable pc's. 
Data throughput started as a wired network through cables, eventually converted to modems(14.4,28.8). And this was just until wireless networks were introduced. We have 3g, 4g , 4gLTE, many wireless networks to increase the speed of our networks.
Lastly is our memory and storage, which started as Ram. Ram stored memory that was short term, and it was stored in kilobytes. Every kilabyte was 1000 bytes, which is kind of like kilograms and grams. Another form of storage was disk based, Weinchester was the first thing introduced with 1BM based storage. It was more convenient because it had  long term memory, unlike the RAM. It came on floppy disk or hard disk, floppy stored 360k while hard stored 720k. 

In all reality it's high tech and only the smartest of the smartest will get the new technology.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dot Com to Bomb

It was so exciting to figure out which ideas made it through the boom when we finished this segment. It all began in 1997 , yes the same year a sheep was "cloned", Hong Kong declared their independence and the Heavens Gate cult committed a mass suicide. WEIRD huh, yeah i know. This is when all companies were starting up , hey remember! i do haha 😅. Funding companies through friends and family and investments.For existing companies raising in ways that include PUBLIC OFFERING. When i think of it, i think "you get a piece, you get a piece, you get a piece" and so on. That Is basically what it is right? Selling your shares to people? Or selling your company? Hey my notes say "raising millions for your company" so i'm not that far off. By the year 2000 companies that were once making lots of dough, started to die off one by one. Some faster then the others, only the strongest could survive. EXACTLY WHY our very smart professor mr. andrew fry compared the companies to dinosaurs, well none of them actually survived but the strongest ones lasted. Owe maybe that is a sign, some of the strongest companies at the moment may or may not die off very soon 😮😮😮. The world may never know. But its sad, companies had like fame for a little while then were forced to watch it all come down. It makes me think what they could have done better, well i'm pretty sure everyone thought that at a point in time. Now companies that are no longer here have a kinda sorta fame for their downfall (tear).

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Guest Speaker: Shadrach

I don’t think he mentioned his last name but he was a very sophisticated man, he looked very very young. He started to talk a lot about what he works with which was CLOUD COMPUTING !!!!! As a young human being I️ felt I️ should know even a little bit about it. BUT SADLY I️ DON'T. When I️ think cloud I️ think of storage space on my IPHONE 😂😂😂😂. Yeah i know what a shame BUT, "it is not just about being a programmer" lol. Mr. Shad, short for his name if i even spelled it right spent 15+ years in the IT world. He talked about what kind of things he used at an old company he worked for and i found the word pretty hilarious, Microfeesh which is similar to microfilm which then lead to digital scanning.<<< (woah CONVERGENCE) He started his business in 2011, which looked to me like he makes BEAUCOUP money from, such an inspiring, successful man just wonderful. I loved that he had it all set up for himself, he was thinking ahead of everyone else. His applications are all built on the same platforms, he made it easier for himself and his costumers. He does not discriminate when it comes to his costumers neither, he had an app for the disabled, marijuana industries, even housing. He builds sites starting at 4,500 dollars i do not know if its each month but that's nothing compared to what he spends a month for thousands of sites. He only spends 900-1000 dollars a month!!!!!!!! The crazy thing is he didn't even graduate high school, this shows you can do anything you put your mind too.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The movie was very interesting, we watched a company start from the bottom and make their way to the very top. The employees and the founders  worked their butts off to get where they got. It started out as three friends fresh out of high school and ready to take on the "real world".We had Mr. Kaleil Tuzman, Tom Herman and Chieh Cheng. one of the founders (Chieh) withdrew himself from the business when it started to come up, and actually it turns out he made the most money out of them all. As the movie progressed they start gaining more and more employees, started with 8 jumped to 50 and lastly landed at a whopping 120. We can all assume that they started making lots of money because they were able to hire so many employees. These weren't MINIMUM WAGE employees neither these were people that are educated and know technology. 

As the number of investors kept climbing relationships were becoming vulnerable. Kaleil started to become the highly favored CEO as he was invited to speak about his company in a meeting with former president Bill Clinton. I could tell that Tom was getting jealous, he started to lose a say in things that were going o in the company. The board decided that they wanted to let him go well actually they first gave him an option of paid leave. I do not know whats wrong with him i would have taken that and found me a new job while still receiving checks from govworks, but HEY that's me. So yeah he refused to take that leave and wouldn't leave until it was written that he was fired. He eventually  got the note he wanted so badly and wanted a cash settlement (which he did not get).

Moral of the story the internet stocks crashed and govworks ran out of money to pay they're employees and everything else. They had lost their investors and everything they started. It was fun while it lasted.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My HTML page

It was very hard figuring out how to make a web page, I struggled a lot. it can do the simple things like opening and closing tags. including different features to the body was the most difficult. I couldn't switch between italics, bold, or even underlining texts. What really confused me was putting an image in the text, i thought all you had to do was copy and paste the link but tat was not it. You have to find your own link so you can host without interfering with another host. I thought the marquee thing was weird, the name really really does not match the function. Html is not so great but it is what makes all of our webpages so I should learn someday. All these codes i am not a fan of, rather read and i hate reading. 

I wish someone could teach me how to do these things i would probably be really good at it. I know there is a lot of complicated things to html and only the smartest will figure it out.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

E-mail and Traditional Mail

To me there are many differences between email and postal mail. One obviously gets to a destination faster than the other, and one can send from anywhere around the globe. For both email and mail you MUST have the exact address written or it may send somewhere else. Email has a mailbox, post office and addresses just as our traditional mail, post office being its mail servers and addresses being the variety of emails. Well with regular postal mail it does take quite some time, with snail mail and all ads being sent out there’s no way you can track mail unless you pay a little extra $$$$$$$$.

 If you send an email the receiver can get it instantly, with just one little tap on the REFRESH button 😂😂. With mail you cannot get viruses like email but you may get spam, just like all those ads built up in the promotions section of your email. You can be sent mail from vendors you have subscribed to, Sephora, pink, game informer all different types of mail. If your address is available anyone can send you mail. I would choose a hand-written letter over an email any day but that’s just me.

More people are used to emails because they’re on their technology devices 24/7, some people may have forgotten how to do traditional mail, which is SAD. But hey as technology keeps progressing in this world we may even forget what postal mail is. I can tell you that I will never forget because I do all my shopping online and I rather wait at home for my shipments than wait in a long line.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Guest Speaker: Erik Hanberg

He was such a cool guy seem like he'd been through a lot of different stepping stools in his life. Like he started from the bottom of his industry and gradually started moving up, he stayed persistent throughout is whole life. Started his journey working for non-profits, which then led him to be a director at a grand cinema. When he first said that I was thinking theatres and plays and that’s what he worked with! he hadn’t worked a full time job since 2008! that was a surprise to me because I know how I felt when I hopped part time to part time for a few weeks.

A little after the time he directed at the Grand Cinema he had opened his own theatre, Horatio Theatre. That theatre lasted a few plays until it was closed due to certain circumstances (I forgot what he said happened). Closer to 2017 he opened a company named side by side with his wife. His wife is a graphic designer so they tend to be a perfect match when It comes to business.

He then went onto writing his owns book and publishing them himself. He found ways that were suitable for him and his progression. He published lots of books, and there are still paying until this day. In the beginning of his speech he had mentioned online privacy, basically our lives are so transparent. He had said it was somewhat annoying for him to get a job because all they did was search his name up online. they would search his name and find all the information they needed about him, which got him in trouble just once but he had moved past that.

In his current life he has started his own podcast, with Alaska Airlines as a sponsor!!!!!!!!!!!! He has built an audience for himself that just continues building. This man has so much determination and that’s what people look up to. I wish him the best.


Convergence    in technology is like the growing generations, as we progress technology progresses with us. So it is kind of like Moore'...